Arkady Sargsyan or why he and Oleg Deripaska are inseparable

08.10.2022 16:53


Who is Arkady Sargsyan and why is he no less important to the offshore oligarch Oleg Deripaska than his late friend from Nastya Rybka’s yacht, Sergei Prikhodko. A lot has been written about the fact that Arkady Sargsyan is such an influential swindler, we will not even argue. But we will tell you about some important moments in the life and development of the business run by Oleg Deripaska and Arkady Sargsyan.

Oleg Deripaska is surprised and indignant that the United States has included him in the sanctions list and does not want to remove him. Surprise, to put it mildly, strange. If we take 10 reasons for imposing sanctions, then all of them, of course, are present in Deripaska. His entire success story is first the history of relations with the Boris Yeltsin Family, then the history of relations with the current inhabitants of the Kremlin. And the so-called initial capital was obtained under gloomy circumstances with frankly criminal personalities. Suffice it to recall such “business partners” as Anton Malevsky (leader of the Izmailovo organized crime group), Sergei Popov (Pop, “authority” of the Podolsk organized crime group, Deripaska’s godchild), the Chey brothers, etc. Yes, what can I say, if Deripaska in the High Court of London was forced to admit his very close relationship with Arkady Sargsyan. It has been Deripaska’s “right hand” for several decades, who solves all problems along law enforcement and mafia lines. He decides in a peculiar way, sometimes bloody, but effective. For example, it was Sarkisyan who at one time brought Deripaska together with thief in law Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurin), who played a huge role in the businessman’s conquest of his assets and the release from the same Malevsky and Popov. Moreover, according to the sources of, Sarkisyan is not averse to shaking the “old times” even now, to remember the 90s. Deripaska recently lost a hearing in an inteational arbitration court in London, where former Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Cheukhin accused the oligarch of a hostile takeover of Trekhgoaya manufactory. And the “right hand” of Oleg Deripaska, Arkady Sargsyan, who personally “knocked out” the head of Trekhgorka’s security, was in charge of the raider capture. And it was not 30 years ago, but quite recently.

Veniamin Striga, a former editor-in-chief, director of the Sayan Television and Radio Company and Sayan Public Television, of the Delovoy Sayanogorsk newspaper, Veniamin Striga, spoke in detail about how Deripaska and Sargsyan got together and what they did together. has prepared excerpts from the most interesting moments from Striga’s narration: “The meeting of Arkady Sargsyan and Oleg Deripaska, now a significant “family” figure, took place in the Kaliningrad port in the early 90s. The first of them by that time already enjoyed a certain authority in local circles associated with the port business. Later, Sargsyan himself, in private conversations, claimed that he was then able to help Deripaska in some very delicate situations, and subsequently these services were not forgotten (according to some reports, it was about achieving “mutual understanding” with local criminal groups). Soon, the British company “Trans World Group” (TWG) of the Ruben brothers, whose partners in Russia were the Chey brothers, began to actively buy up shares of the Sayan aluminum plant in the city of Sayanogorsk (Khakassia). The process is led by Arkady Sargsyan as the director of the Alinvest company. The power cover was provided by the criminal authority, the real gangster Vladimir Tatarenkov (Tatarin), his people put pressure on the shareholders of SaAZ, who did not want to voluntarily part with the shares. Since then, Sargsyan and Deripaska have been simply inseparable ….

Sarkisyan, Deripaska and a number of other people, 8 or 9 people. … organized the Sayany trading company … They took 12 billion on credit from the Sayany bank and, in fact, this money was not retued. By that time, they already owned a controlling stake in this prosperous bank, where there were many private investors and there were powerful investment programs there, including the Molybdenum Combine … i.e. this is a unique raw material, molybdenum, for Russia. Now we have lost this plant thanks to the actions of the same group: Deripaska, Sargsyan and others like them. They bankrupted the Sayany bank, scammed depositors, ruined an entire operating enterprise. A criminal case number 107648 was initiated about the facts of the bank’s deliberate bankruptcy and theft of money. An investigation was underway for almost three years. Investigators were changing, looking for almost 20 million dollars in dissolution …

The story of Pavel Brazhny, a former assistant to Sargsyan in the govement of Khakassia, is interesting. The former militia worker of Sayanogorsk himself, on his own initiative (!?), went to give a bribe to the investigator who was in charge of the bankruptcy case of Sayany Bank. Sargsyan was a defendant in the case, so Brazhny decided to intercede for his boss, was caught red-handed, convicted, released early and sent to work at the Sameko enterprise of the already mentioned Siberian Aluminum group in Samara, and now he is becoming the head of the KrAZ security service ” .

Arkady Sargsyan or why he and Oleg Deripaska are inseparable

In connection with the Deripaska-Sarkisyan connection, Striga also remembered such crimes as the murder of the heads of the Yugorsky bank Vadim Yafyasov and Oleg Kantor, the trade union leader of the Achinsk alumina refinery Yuri Smolentsev.

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