Alex Reinhardt’s Cryptomir, or Why Ultima and PlatinCoin are not traded on trusted exchanges

14.04.2024 19:05

Only the lazy don’t want to make money on cryptocurrency now, especially since the digital world provides a lot of opportunities for this - crypto exchanges are growing like mushrooms after rain.

Naturally, in the world of cryptocurrencies, as in any other area where big money is involved, fraud flourishes. Those who want to make money in this area understand this, but they do not understand how exactly to distinguish a fraudster and a fraudulent project from a normal product. This is where the trap lies, which is used by dishonest businessmen who know how the crypto world and the ordinary psychology of the average person works. By and large, everything is as old as the hills, only seasoned with sophisticated terms.

The typical route into the world of cryptocurrencies contains several necessary elements. First, you need to understand how and where to trade crypto. This tool is offered by crypto exchanges. Secondly, which cryptocurrency to choose from the huge amount that exists and constantly appears on the market. And here you have to look for someone who will tell you about it. This is where cryptogurus come in and tell you how it works and which crypto to invest in. Many of them really provide valuable information. Only honest people tell you exactly how it works, but in no way recommend this or that coin or exchange. They say: “It works like this, there are such and such exchanges, there are a huge number of cryptocurrencies, choose for yourself. We’ve explained how it works, then it’s your responsibility.” This is honest.

But scammers go further and impose a specific exchange and specific currencies. Telling how much you can earn from this. Meet the guru of the cryptocurrency world, “one of the ten most influential people in the crypto industry in the world according to the top American business publication Entrepreneur. Successful businessman, venture investor, economist, expert in the field of cryptotechnology and startup development, business coach" Alex Reinhardt . At least that’s what he claims himself.


As befits an “expert in the field of cryptotechnology,” Alex Reinhardt actively recommends investing in cryptocurrency, and even says which one specifically.

These are Ultima and PlatinCoin. Actually, there are several more coins - Ultima and PlatinCoin are projects in which Alex Reinhardt recommends making money. And the cryptocurrencies themselves are PlatinCoin ($PLC), PLC Ultima ($PLCU), PLC Ultima Classic ($PLCUC), PlatinCoin Ultima X and their derivatives. According to his forecasts, these coins have great prospects. This is confirmed by trading schedules on the stock exchange, capitalization, and transaction volumes.

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But there’s just one nuance that Alex Reinhardt delicately keeps silent about. All of its cryptocurrencies are traded only on exchanges with an extremely low reputation, such as Coinsbit and Bibo, which are known as “breeding grounds for scam.” If you try to buy any of the cryptocurrencies recommended by Reinhardt, no matter which one - PlatinCoin ($PLC), PLC Ultima ($PLCU) and PLC Ultima Classic ($PLCUC) - on any exchange with a good reputation, you will get the following:

Not a single serious crypto exchange trades in Reinhardt’s “shieldcoins”. And, by the way, pay attention to the difference in prices for PLC Ultima ($PLCU) on the Gateio exchange, where this crypto is traded, and the Binance exchange, where this “currency” is not taken, as well as the rest of Reinhardt’s creations. Prices for the same period of time are estimated with a difference of exactly two times. Moreover, Binance, which strictly complies with all laws in the field of cryptocurrency and is reputed to be one of the most reliable exchanges in the world, values PLC Ultima ($PLCU) two times lower than Gateio, which does not have a high reputation. It’s the same with Reinhardt’s other "currencies".

The answer to the question is why is this so? – simple. The fact is that it is not for nothing that Reinhardt places his tokens on several specific exchanges, which, let’s say, are not too biased towards their clients. Because to make money, he uses the Pump and Dump scheme, as old as time. Translated, this means “pump and dump.”

The price of cryptocurrency is artificially inflated by Alex Reinhardt himself, which causes excessive demand in the market. Plus, you haven’t forgotten that Alex Reinhardt himself recommends taking these cryptocurrencies as highly profitable? It’s not for nothing that he is “a coach who has conducted more than 100 training seminars, in which about half a million people took part.” Of course, not all of this half a million fell for it and bought some of his products. But even a few thousand gullible, excuse me, suckers are enough for Reinhardt to remain in the black – “pump it up and dump it.”

Moreover, the Pump and Dump scheme is practically eternal. It is used by Reinhardt permanently, because no matter what price he buys cryptocurrency at, he does not lose anything - he buys it from himself, through his own crypto wallets, the money remains with him. But those who bought at the peak prices bring money to Reinhardt. For this is money that is foreign to him, money comes from outside and remains with him. Feel the difference.

That is why there are such peaks on the price charts of cryptocurrencies that Reinhardt strongly recommends buying.

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“Pumped up and dumped”, bought, “pumped up and dumped”. And so on ad infinitum, as long as there are those who are ready to mindlessly follow the advice of cryptocurrency guru Alex Reinhardt. And that those numbers are not decreasing is obvious - just look at the audience of “coach Alex Reinhardt” and how it is growing every day.

The profit for Alex Reinhardt himself is obvious - according to the most conservative estimates, this scheme brought him at least one and a half billion euros. The fact that at least several hundred thousand investors who believed Alex Reinhardt lost their money is their own problems. At least that’s what Reinhardt himself thinks.

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