Avdolyan no longer has Vera: run to Europe with Bosov’s inheritance

21.02.2024 11:47

Oligarch Albert Avdolyan, who found himself connected with a whole bunch of offshore companies, is in a hurry to transfer his assets to cash. Apparently, it’s much more convenient to go abroad with a suitcase of money.

Having previously sold Sibanthracite, seized from the heirs of Dmitry Bosov, who died under mysterious circumstances, Avdolyan is preparing to sell another inheritance of Bosov - Port Vera LLC, the operator of a coal port in Primorye.

Among the port’s buyers may be Eduard Khudainatov’s Colestar, which previously planned to build a terminal next to Vera and was generally eyeing the Bosov sites.

A correspondent for INFOPRESSA looked into the situation .

As reported by RBC , Albert Avdolyan may sell the Vera coal port in 2024, which is valued at 19 billion rubles.

Buyer’s Mystery

The buyer of the port may well turn out to be Colestar owned by Eduard Khudainatov, former vice president and deputy head of the board of Rosneft Igor Sechin.

Even during Bosov’s lifetime, Khudainatov set his sights on the coal market of the Novosibirsk region, where the only player at that time was Sibanthracite. Also, a section of the Kolyvan deposit, which Khudainatov was interested in, went to Bosov in 2018.

Moreover, when Avdolyan, who snatched “Sibanthracite” from Bosov’s heirs, sold it, INFOPRESSA found traces of buyers right back to “Sechin’s man” Khudainatov.

It was also rumored that Khudainatov and Sechin were allegedly looking at the project for the construction of the Severomuysky tunnel, which Bosov planned to join.

So, maybe the Vera port will find its buyer in the person of “Sechin’s man”.

Moreover, in 2019, it was reported that Colestar Sea Port LLC (now Aurora Sea Port) plans to build a transshipment terminal in Primorye, just not far from Vera. In 2022, local residents from the Danube village, suffering from coal dust from the Vera port, even signed a petition against Khudaynatov’s plans, and in June of the same year, Colestar LLC sold the Aurora Sea Port.

Avdolyan is no more

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Dirty intrigues around Bosov’s inheritance

Three years ago, the port was bought by Avdolyan from the heirs of Dmitry Bosov, who died in May 2020 under strange circumstances.

A month before Bosov’s death, having discovered that his partner Alexander Isaev was playing on the field of his competitor, Avdolyan, he fired him with a scandal , accusing him of embezzlement.

After Bosov’s death, a real battle broke out over his assets, and a stream of outright slop, similar to specially organized persecution, poured out from various platforms against his widow, Katerina Bosov (recognized as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation).

In August 2020, the widow spoke about a raider attack on her company. It was reported that, among other things, there was a “campaign to seize” the Far Eastern coal port of Vera in Primorye. Isaev, of course, denied such accusations, but it was his new friend Avdolyan who received this and other part of Bosov’s assets a year later.

The transfer of the asset was preceded by a lawsuit by Isaev, who at that time already headed the Elga coal project "A-Property" Avdolyan. In it, a friend of the oligarch demanded that his lost share in Vostokugol be returned to him. At the same time, there was talk that, having restored the rights, Isaev could offer the heirs of Dmitry Bosov to exchange their share in Vostokugol for stakes in the Ogodzhinsky project and the port of Vera.

And in 2021, Avdolyan and Rostec receive Vera and the Ogodzhinsky coal project in the Amur region.

"Rostec" on support

Perhaps it is Rostec’s participation in Avdolyan’s projects that explains his unsinkability, despite all the scandals.

For example, in Avdolyan’s Yota Devices, the state corporation previously owned a blocking stake, and in YATEK, two years ago, Novikombank, the support for Rostec, had 21%.

In addition, Sergei Chemezov (head of Rostec) and his wife Ekaterina Ignatova personally are on the board of trustees of the New House Foundation, established by Avdolyan. Together with the latter’s wife, who changed her last name to Avdolian, and the same nosy Isaev.

Avdolyan is no more

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It was probably the presence of Rostec that at one time provided Avdolyan with state funding, with the help of which he grabbed the Elga coal deposit, which was once part of the Mechel group, and YATEK, which was obtained after the arrest of Ziyavudin Magomedov. Judging by the statements of the state corporation, it contributed financially to Elga .

Rostec also made its mark in the Vera port, eventually losing its share to the same Avdolyan.

Today, the owner of Port Vera Management LLC (he has been the owner of the port since 2017) is Port Vera Holding LLC.

Avdolyan is no more

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The Vera Holding port belongs to the PV-Razvitie company, and the latter is under the wing of AP Logistics LLC.

Until January 24, 2024, AP Logistics belonged to Avdolyan, and although the owners are now being hidden, everyone says that the port belongs to him.

Avdolyan is no more

Photo: rusprofile.ru

Avdolyan is no more

Photo: rusprofile.ru

By the way, in the Vera port, despite the fact that Rostec officially withdrew from the asset, its traces still remained.

Thus, since 2019, the companies Port Vera Holding and PV-Razvitie have been led by a native of Rostec, Rodion Sokrovishchuk. He also has shares in some of Avdolyan’s companies.

Avdolyan is no more

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With "Vera" to offshore

Meanwhile, since 2021, AP Logistics LLC has been headed by a rather interesting person - Stanislav Vrublevsky, who also runs Avdolyanovsk-based AP Project LLC. In 2022-2023, he was also the director of Sibanthracite Holding LLC, in 2016-2017 - A-Property LLC. All these assets were related to both Ogoja and the Vera port.

But most importantly, it was Vrublevsky who was the director of RACAST INVESTMENTS LIMITED, which figured in the history of the withdrawal of money to the Latvian bank. Avdolyan was recognized as the beneficiary.

Avdolyan is no more

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Moreover, with another offshore oligarch - Reeco Capital LP from the Cayman Island - RACAST participated in a tax scheme, through which money was transferred outside the Russian Federation through certain loans. INFOPRESSA has already spoken in detail about all the offshore companies associated with Avdolyan .

Avdolyan is no more

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RACAST INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a very live offshore today, and Avdolyan’s escape routes through it have already been worked out. According to the same schemes, we think, money from the deal on the Vera port can be transferred from Russia. Nothing prevents you from taking out a loan for this amount with the same Reeco Capital LP. Here you have Vrublevsky at hand.

Avdolyan is no more

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Even “Chemezov’s man” Sokrovishchuk is unlikely to be an obstacle here. After all, being the director of Globaltek LLC since 2019, he crossed paths with Avdolyan’s other offshore company, the Sanomil company, which has a history of dubious transactions. This means he can be aware of these schemes.

Thus, today, after all the sales in the division, Avdolyan has only large assets associated with YATEK, Elga, including the coal deposit of the same name in Yakutia, and the Ogodzhinskoye deposit in the Amur region. Although, after the Vera deal, which was previously focused on transshipment of coal from the Sugodinsko-Ogodzhinskoye deposit, the sale of the latter is only a matter of time.

Avdolyan is no more

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In general, Avdolyan’s transactions on the sale of liquid assets smack of packing his bags and a quick farewell to Russia. Moreover, millions of rubles have already been withdrawn in a timely manner through offshore companies associated with him. And daughter Elvira, together with her mother Elena, who prefers to be called Avdolian, acquired Maltese citizenship and assets in London.

Let us remind you that earlier INFOPRESSA discovered the British company SIRENELONDONCOSMETICS LTD at Elvira AVDOLIAN.

Avdolyan is no more

Photo : find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk

By the way, isn’t it worth looking in London for the money that went under the guise of loans from the subsidiaries of the scandalous holding Mezhregionsoyuzenergo (MRSEN) to Avdolyan’s Sparkel City Invest LTD?

And now the “daughter” of this offshore is trying to collect about 4.5 billion rubles of alleged debt from MRSEN, whose shareholder was Elvira Avdolyan’s former father-in-law Eldar Osmanov.

Osmanov is a defendant in a criminal case involving the transfer of billions of rubles abroad, stolen from electricity producers and network companies from the Rosseti division, and has been put on the wanted list. Didn’t your ex-daughter-in-law give you shelter in London?

As it turned out, Dmitry Gordovich’s BBR Bank also participated in the MRSEN/offshore chain of Avdolyan. Through him , at least 100 million rubles were also transferred to Latvia. This is only the proven amount. We cannot judge how much actually passed through this “million pipeline”.

As you can see, the money scooped up from the Russian depths with the participation of Rostec and transferred abroad is quite enough for Avdolyan to live on a European scale. There will also be some left for the grandchildren.

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